Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 gone in one day.

hye peeps!

just wanna share with u guys that i'm not feeling so good today.
everything was happen just like that.
in a snap of fingers.
 3 of them have left us.

curious huh? who am i talking about actually.

well, it's actually about my colleagues lah.
my lovely honey bunny colleagues called Miza, Aidil and Ain.

 anyway, nothing i can do about it.
just hope and wish that they will success with the decision that they have made and all the times happy with their life.
enjoy your age kids !

kak amal will never forget kalians.
pinky swear !
nanti kita chat-chat kat facebook okay adik-adik?
bye bye. nanti mesti missing all of you like crazy kann?
hukhuk. :(

#kesat-kesat air mata sambil layan this song

thousands of LOVE,
amalina arbawi  <3 

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